Saying yes to renewing your fireplace as your comfort place, can mean everything we love about past fireside chats. Saying yes to your fireplace means rekindling family bonds and deepening community.

Cold Nights and Cozy Rooms

On chilly, dreary weekends or cold, rainy nights, having a “cozy” room to escape to is very relaxing and easy on the energy budget. Rooms with lots of windows, insufficient heating ducts, or tall ceilings can be a challenge to heat. Using the fireplace with a very efficient insert that has exceptional heat exchanger design makes all the difference.

Never before has home heating cost been more important, turn your furnace down and efficiently heat with a beautiful fresh look in the rooms you and your family cherish.

With constant innovation in fireplace design and functionality, our objective for over 28 years has been to build exceptional, and enduring value into homes, families, and communities.

We’ll help make your chilly room Cozy with our free site evaluation.

Our team will evaluate your current fireplace and make relevant recommendations on how you can create your own ‘cozy’ room. All to make your fireplace a comfort place.

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