Yes, Chimneys Plus also offers LintCheck Dryer Vent Cleaning!

At Chimneys Plus, we believe in honest, quality-driven services that protect your home.  Our LintCheck dryer vent cleaning service is a prime example of how a little service can make a big deal when protecting your property.  Our certified technicians will take the time to ensure that your dryer is working properly and that the lint in your dryer vent is removed.  

It is an unfortunate fact that one possible source of a structural fire is the dryer vent.  We have seen a lot of dryer venting systems that can create a truly dangerous situation for a homeowners family.  The most common cause of a dryer fire is a clogged or malfunctioning dryer vent.  This is a problem that is completely preventable.  Our team of certified technicians can remove clogs as well as reinstall malfunctioning dryer vent systems.

When you welcome our technicians in your home our team will use specialized tools to carefully clean the dryer vent.  This has many benefits for your dryer and for your home.

Save Money & Energy

As little as a half-inch of accumulated lint in the dryer vent can increase energy usage by 50%. Gain a shorter dryer cycle time and get dryer clothes. You also get compliance with your insurance.

Before and After A Dryer Vent Cleaning

Protect Your Home and Family

Reduce your changce of having a structural fire and prevent carbon monoxide backup.

Why Should I Get My Dryer Cleaned By A Professional?

Though some dryer vents are easy to maintain, others may be in difficult areas.  Others may be configured in such a way that special tools are required to ensure that the dryer vent cleaning does not damage the dryer or the dryer venting system.  Dryer vents can be run through crawl spaces, attics and other areas of the home that may be tough to reach or access.  A trained professional can do a thorough cleaning, maximizing the air flow through you system.

Why Work With Chimneys Plus?

Your home is one of the largest and most important investments you will ever make.  At Chimneys Plus we have a deep respect for that investment.  Our commitment to quality and safety ensures that your property will be left in a better place than when we start your dryer vent cleaning.  We take pride in our LintCheck service and you will notice the difference.  Additionally, our Lint Check can be bundled into our other maintenance services, saving you time and money while completing the critical tasks of chimney cleaning, roof top care, gas appliance servicing, and gutter cleaning.

How to Schedule Your Appointment

Scheduling a LintCheck Appointment is simple.  Click the button in the page and our customer centric staff will reach out to you with our next available appointment slot.  You will receive a call or email confirmation for your appointment and a certified technician will meet you within a thirty minute window.  If the technician runs into anything at a previous appointment or has another kind of delay, he will reach out to let you know.  Once your appointment is complete you will receive a report that pertains to the condition of your dryer vent.  If there are any issues to repair, the technician will create an estimate for the repairs based on his recommendations.