Masonry Chimneys

The bricks and mortar that make up your chimney serve a host of purposes in the chimney structure. The one that most North Carolina homeowners enjoy is the radiant heat that is captured by the brick and reflected back into their home. From a structural standpoint, these same brick and mortar serve to keep the rain and other elements away from your chimney flue and outside where they belong. They also keep smoke, gases, and combustibles safely contained and directed to the top of your chimney and away from your home.

Main Causes Of Masonry Issues

After years of exposure to the rain and freezing temperatures, masonry chimneys inevitably deteriorates and requires repairs in order to function properly.

Other Causes of Masonry Problems

If the masonry chimney is not well built or has aged it can absorb water and have a dramatically reduced life expectancy.

Can You Fix An Existing Issue?

Yes, to help you maintain your home and keep your chimney in sound condition, we provide a variety of masonry chimney repair and restoration services.

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Types of Chimney Masonry Repairs

Brick Tuck-Pointing/ Masonry Relaying

This is a first step to solve early water penetration and restore structural integrity.  Loose and cracked mortar joints are ground out and re-filled with fresh mortar. This is called tuck-pointing or re-pointing.

Brick Replacement

If there are cracked or split bricks, the process requires more work.  Damaged or cracked chimney bricks are removed, first by grinding out any failing mortar and then gently removing the damaged bricks. These bricks are then replaced with a new brick and fresh mortar is applied.

Chimney Rebuilding

If damage is extensive a chimney rebuild may be called for, this can be either a partial rebuild or a complete rebuild as needed. Loose and deteriorated brick is removed until there is solid masonry and then the chimney areas are rebuilt with new brick and mortar.

Chimney Crown Repairs

Your chimney crown is the very top of your chimney. The crown is the first structure to be exposed to rain and freezing elements. These freeze and thaw cycles begin to deteriorate the crown over time. Unfortunately crowns are often constructed from left-over mortar materials so chimney crowns may be weakened from the start. Depending on the damage to your chimney crown it can either be replaced or if there is less damage it may be possible to seal the existing chimney crown.

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Poured Concrete Chimney Crown

This process involves replacing the entire crown with freshly poured concrete. This not only secures the entire chimney top but sheds water and protects the chimney masonry beneath the crown.

CrownCoat Crown Repairs

If your chimney crown damage is minimal, it may be possible to address the problem by using a product called CrownCoat. CrownCoat is specifically designed to fill any gaps or cracks in the chimney crown and restore a waterproof barrier.