A Properly Sealed Chimney Flue Is Essential

Over time chimney flue tiles become damaged. Once the chimney flue liner is compromised it creates other problems within your chimney.

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The interior of your chimney can be damaged by escaping moisture, heat and toxic gases.

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HeatShield Chimney Flue and Smoke Chamber Repairs

The chimney flue or liner on most traditional masonry chimneys consists of a series of ceramic flue tiles joined by mortar leading to the top of your chimney. For both safety and efficiency these tiles must form a complete seal to escort dangerous gas and other combustion materials safely out of your chimney. Over time the chimney flue tiles may become damaged in a number of ways:

chimney flue repair

  • Mortar may weaken causing gaps or cracks between the flue tiles
  • Vertical cracks may form due to a sudden occurrence like a chimney fire or lightning strike
  • Build-up of creosote, other corrosive materials and water may cause the flue tiles to flake and degrade, this is called spalling

Once the chimney flue liner is compromised it creates a host of other problems within your chimney.

Heat, moisture, and gasses escape and begin to damage the interior of your chimney. These may build up and lead to the possibility of a creosote fire that is not contained within the chimney flue.  Falling and deteriorating tile pieces can block the flue. Additionally, toxic gasses may escape into your home and endanger your family.

Health and safety issues aside, liner damage also reduce the efficiency of your fireplace as the smoke and gasses are not being drawn to the top of your chimney.

Luckily, these issues can often be repaired with a product called HeatShield, or depending on the damage found you may need a liner replaced to correctly repair and restore your chimney to proper functioning. Proper chimney flue repairs will extend the life of your chimney.

If the damage can not be repaired using the Heatshield process we can install a new stainless steel chimney liner. The new liner fits inside the masonry chimney and creates the seal that the flue tiles used to. This process is very effective for older chimneys that are in need of restoration.

flue repair
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HeatShield Flue Repair Process

HeatShield is a specially formulated “Cerfractory” sealant material that restores the integrity of your chimney’s flue to vent hazardous flue gases from your home. It eliminates the dangers in your chimney caused by gaps, cracks, and spalling for years to come.

During repairs, the HeatShield material is poured into the chimney and then parged smooth with a special cast. Once the material is smooth, it hardens and seals all of the cracks and seams within the chimney. We often smooth and parge the smoke chamber during this process as well.

HeatShield Smoke Chamber Repairs

The smoke chamber is the area above the opening of the fireplace that funnels the smoke up to the chimney flue. Like chimney flue, smoke chambers deteriorate forming gaps and cracks with time and use. It is very important that the sides of the smoke chamber are smooth with minimal irregularities. A rough smoke chamber causes turbulence which causes the brick to absorb heat from the exhaust gasses which is a significant concern if there are gaps or cracks within the smoke chamber.

We recommend that all gaps and cracks within the smoke chamber be filled and all four sides of the smoke chamber be smoothed to ensure safe and efficient venting of all combustion gasses.