Stop Water Damage To Your Wake County Home

Roof leaks are one of those home maintenance issues that most homeowners aren't prepared for until it's too late, and they are staring down a water spot on the ceiling.

The roof is one of the most out of mind aspects of your home, but it is definitely one of the most important.

Roofs often have 'spots' where debris accumulates. Plus, there are spaces on the roof that can't be seen from any window or any place in the yard. What is happening up there?

Though most North Carolina homeowners can conduct their own visible inspection, a professional will be able to safely navigate the roof thoroughly, and inspect problem areas, roof venting connections, and flashing.

weathered roof with singles missing


Safe access is no small concern for doing this type of work. Fear of falling off a roof is why most people don’t want to climb or have anyone else climb. However, without an annual check-in, it is very hard to ensure that your roof is in proper working order. We use fall harnesses, roof ascension equipment, blowers, a sky cam telescoping camera, and even telescoping snow rakes.

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LeakCheck Inspections

Chimneys Plus with their LeakCheck Roof care service has the tools, has the skill to access the most challenging roofs and give it the needed cleaning and inspection.

During a LeakCheck Roof Inspection, our experts will be looking for unusual wear and tear, degrading roof penetration connection points, skylights, damaged areas caused by organic growth, wind-driven debris, and issues related to craftsmanship. Our team will be looking for structural concerns, materials decomposition and absence, and indications of water penetration.

Additionally, our Leak Check service includes the removal of debris that can cause damage over time. An experienced leak expert will also be able to follow the signs to problems that could be avoided in the future. They can also see signs of fascia, sub fascia, and soffit damage that may be indicators of hidden roof problems.

Common Sources of Water Leaks

  1. Design – Most roofers do a great job and construct the professional roofs you find on most homes, but there are a few who cut corners to finish the job and save a dime. This leads to problems for you later on, even if it might look like money saved upfront.
  2. Home Additions – An original home design may be fine, but when an addition is added, water drainage issues and leaks could arise. This is because little or no thought has gone into the execution of watertight transitions, weaving the original roofline with the new roofline.
  3. Flashing – Probably the number one cause of roof leaks is flashing at roof penetrations. Flashing is a thin piece of metal or any other waterproof material installed to prevent water from getting into the home

There are also many other sources of roof leaks, and you could also have more than one source. That is why it's important that you hire roof leak experts to do a thorough roof leak investigation and provide effective solutions to solving the problem.

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Protect Your Home & Family

At Chimneys Plus, we take the maintenance of your home extremely seriously.  

We offer our FireCheck service, which is our standard wood-burning cleaning and inspection. Our GasCheck service is our standard gas appliance servicing and inspection. We also offer our Lint Check service, which cleans and inspects dryer vents. Additionally, our RainCheck service cleans and inspects your gutter system.

These services all work in harmony to eliminate any doubt and anxiety so that you can feel safe, secure, and connected to your loved ones at home.