Wood Stoves and Gas Stoves Sales and Installations

Purchasing a freestanding wood stove for your home should be a satisfying upgrade. Starting and maintaining a fire is a relaxing, rewarding activity your family will enjoy for years to come. Chimneys Plus recommends freestanding woodstoves and gas stoves based on the manufacturer’s history of excellence and reputation for support of their products. The brands we recommend are those that our staff have come to know and respect as we’ve used their woodstoves and gas stoves in our own homes. We hope to enjoy a lasting relationship with our customers. If you do find an issue with your freestanding woodstove or gas stove, we are prepared to fix it. Perhaps the best part of a new freestanding wood stove is that modern technology has made everything about the home fire, from lighting to extinguishing, significantly easier. Today’s woodstoves are also environmentally sound and safer than ever for the home. The stoves which Chimney Plus sells are built to meet current environmental and safety requirements. Additionally, they minimize any particles from the firewood emitted into the air. A freestanding gas stove makes a great alternative when a woodstove isn’t the right fit your home. We proudly offer the finest gas stoves from brands that have been heating American homes for generations. Gas fireplace maintenance is very minimal. Modern gas stoves also provide convection heating action that reduces the reliance on a furnace. Hints for making the most of your freestanding stove:  
  • The best firewood for woodstoves is dry and cut in a clean fashion. Maple, hickory, and oak are common and work very well for most circumstances, particularly in freestanding wood stoves. These types of wood combine with the modern design of today’s stoves to leave less ash for cleanup.
  • Chimneys Plus sells a variety of freestanding woodstoves and gas stoves. We encourage customers to view multiple options and consider the style and interior decorating within the home before making the final selection.
  • Keep a pile of firewood for the woodstove. The wood can be stored in a garage, on a deck or patio, or along the side of a house.

Brands we recommend: Bellfires, Lennox, Buck Stove, Regency, Jotul, Valor, Regency, Hampton, Lennox, Napoleon, Peterson gas logs and Rasmussen gas logs.

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