What is Soffit and Fascia board?

The fascia and soffit materials on your home protect and support the end of your roof. They protect the rafter tails and trusses from decaying via water damage. Thus, when you notice a dark, spongy section in either the fascia board or the soffit materials, this is an indication that water is damaging the end of your roof.

This fascia area is the critical transition between the roof system and the rain gutter system. If there are problems due to age or construction quality will cause water damage somewhere.
Shingle length, starter shingles, metal drip edge, fascia board placement, gutter positioning, clogged or leaking gutters, roof valleys, and roof damage can all lead to soffit and fascia damage. Unless this interface is understood properly the damage will keep occurring.

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Found at the end of the rafters, this part of your home is usually a flat piece of wood that covers the end of your roof. The purpose of this material is to support the edge of the roof. This board is usually partially hidden by the gutters attached to the home.

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Soffit is found on the underside of the roof and is connected to the fascia board. Its purpose is the protect the eaves and provide a clean look for the home. It also protects the rafter tails and trusses. In high wind climates, the soffit protects the houses from having winds blow water into the home.

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Rafter Tails

Rafter tails are the bottom end of the rafters. These ends of the roofing material are either exposed or boxed in using fascia and soffit to protect them. Within older construction, rafter tails are standard, however, in more modern structure, the ends of the trusses are boxed in with fascia and soffit.

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Does your Fascia or Soffit need to be repaired?

Your home’s fascia and soffit are a line of defense against leaks and water getting into your home. They become vulnerable to water damage and rot if they are not taken care of correctly or repaired on time. Sometimes broken or sagging gutters can cause this and if not repaired, this can lead to larger costlier fixes.

There are many signs that point towards damage fascia or soffits so let Chimneys Plus come out and inspect your home before the water damage affects the interior walls.

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