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The fireplace is a centerpiece of your home. Whether you prefer traditional wood fireplaces or more contemporary gas fireplaces, Chimney Plus is ready to help. We sell and service products for both based on the manufacturer's history of excellence and support of their products. If we wouldn’t install it in our own homes, we don’t offer it to our customers. We suggest only the best fireplaces that we have tested and can service over time, from brands known for building lasting relationships with both retailers and customers. What is the difference between gas fireplaces and wood fireplaces?The biggest differences in two start with what is being burned. Wood fireplaces are powered by traditional firewood such as Oak or Maplewood. Gas fireplaces house ceramic logs or other material which can withstand high temperatures and is powered by a gas source which must be purchased and refilled by the homeowner.Gas fireplaces are typically cleaner and easier to use. For many modern homes, a gas fireplace preferred simply for these conveniences. Wood fireplaces, however, are more traditional and offer a level of authenticity that gas fireplaces can’t deliver.A new or upgraded fireplace is an investment in your home. Once we install the system for you, we’ll make sure it will work for years to come. Our team happily conducts routine gas fireplace maintenance.

Brands we recommend: Bellfires, Lennox, Buck Stove, Regency, Jotul, Valor, Regency, Hampton, Lennox, Napoleon, Peterson gas logs and Rasmussen gas logs.

Tips for choosing the right fireplace:
  • If heating the surrounding room is priority number one, speak with your Chimneys Plus sales rep about right fit and best gas logs for your setting.
  • Consider aesthetic factors such as the trim on the fireplace and the décor of the room to ensure the perfect complement between the two.
  • Leave gas fireplace maintenance to a professional. Our trained staff members know the ins and outs of your gas fireplace and will keep it running efficiently and safely for years to come.

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