Throughout the ages, families, and friends have gathered around the fireplace as a place to enjoy life, celebrate, laugh, share stories, embrace silence, and find much-needed solace.

Yes. Let’s make your fireplace a comfort place is a unique campaign created to inform homeowners about the value of creating a fresh look in rooms we cherish the most.

We rarely need the whole house warm.  We have favorite common areas of our house that we want comfortable.  Turning the fireplace area into a significant zone heater rather than a heat waster is efficient and saves energy dollars.  The fireplace zone heat avoids carrying valuable heat through a possibly leaky HVAC duct system running underneath the house or cold attic.

Efficiently heat your rooms without wasting heat or dollars.

Never before has home heating cost been more important, turn your furnace down and efficiently heat with a beautiful fresh look in the rooms you and your family cherish.

With constant innovation in fireplace design and functionality, our objective for over 28 years has been to build exceptional, and enduring value into your home, family, and community.

We’ll help guide you to staying warmer and saving more with our free site evaluation.

Our team will make relevant recommendations on how you can stay warmer while saving more. All to make your fireplace a comfort place.

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