What To Do When The Power Goes Out – Your Fireplace as an Alternate Heat & Light Source

The world is getting more and more complicated and can seem more vulnerable to energy disruption. Ice storms and power outages creating freezing cold homes are legitimate concerns. Prolonged power disruptions drain flashlight and cell phones’ (used as flashlights) battery life, leaving you and your family in the dark.

When the Heat Goes Out

Concerns of keeping yourself and your family warm in a ‘cold-time’ emergency can create anxiety and fear. Having an alternative lighting and heat source can turn a crisis into an adventure.

Many of the fireplace appliances we offer do not depend on electricity for efficient heating. Protecting your warm home with well-engineered hearth appliances is a smart strategy to keep you and your family warm and safe.

When the Lights Go Out

Along with concerns of warmth, in the event of a power outage, comes the need for night-time lighting options. Remove the anxiety that can come from having no light options; rest, knowing your fireplace serves as a central location for your family to gather securely together, finding comfort in one another, by the ambient light of the fire.

With constant innovation in fireplace design and functionality, our objective for over 28 years has been to build exceptional, and enduring value into homes, families, and communities.

Saying yes to your fireplace means rekindling family bonds and deepening community again. Renewing your fireplace also means finding peace, silence, and solace.

Protect Your Family Against Power Outages and Freezing Cold Homes

We’ll help you design and select the best fireplace appliance to protect your family in a winter crisis. Rest, knowing you have a smart strategy to protect against emergencies. All to make your fireplace a comfort place.

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