Is A Fireplace Really That Effective At Emitting Heat?

There are two ways that we can feel the heat coming off our efficient fireplaces:

  1. The first is radiant (infrared) heat that flows through fireplace glass fronts. In terms of efficient heat production, not all glass fronts are created equal:
    • Tempered glass, used in most fireplace fronts, inhibits heat flow from the fire to your room.
    • High-quality ceramic glass fireplace fronts allow for efficient heat flow, resulting in a warmer room for you and your loved ones to enjoy.
  2. The second feature for enjoying efficient fireplace heat comes through convection heat. Convection fireplace heating comes when air around the jacket of the insert is warmed and rises up and out of the fireplace. The better the heat exchanger technology, the better the fireplace heat. This produces moving warm air masses for heating up more of the room.

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