Throughout the ages, families and friends have gathered around the fireplace as a place to enjoy life, celebrate, laugh, share stories, embrace silence, and find much-needed solace.

Wasting energy is becoming less and less acceptable.

Over the last decades, there’s been a growing awareness of how our present energy use affects future generations.

Conserving and protecting the resources of this beautiful world we steward, also conserves and protects our our families and friends on-going lives.

Using More to Get Less

The old 18th-century fireplaces that burn wood or gas, use relatively high energy (BTU’s) to fuel a fire.

While burning at this high-energy consumption, they also send large volumes of conditioned air up the chimney, with relatively little heat gain (using more energy to create less heat).

Using Less to Get More

The technology in 21st century fireplaces provides both efficient combustion science and efficient heat transfer, while preventing the conditioned air in your house from going up the chimney.

This means you keep your home warmer and have less of a carbon footprint, reducing your environmental impact (and, using less energy to create more heat).

With constant innovation in fireplace design and functionality, our objective for over 28 years has been to build exceptional, and enduring value into homes, families, and communities.

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