Gutters keep your home safe by making sure water doesn’t get into your home or cause any damage. But sometimes, other things aside from water can enter your gutters, like tree branches, leaves, and other debris from outside your home. This debris can cause blockage in gutters, which means the water can’t flow through without interruption. The damage can be pretty extensive.

Rooftop Services wrote in a blog that gutters that aren’t working properly could also impact your home’s foundation, the siding, water staining the brick, soil around the property, exterior doors, and even nearby pavement. To avoid extensive problems to your home, inspecting your gutters, cleaning them out, or installing gutter covers are all good solutions to prevent these destructive (and expensive!) problems.

What Are Gutter Covers?

Gutter covers prevent any debris from getting into the gutters. They can be installed on top of your gutters because the tiny openings will only allow water and smaller pieces of debris into the gutters.

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Types of Gutter Guards/Covers

We recommend you find gutter covers that are made from aluminum or stainless steel and avoid using plastic guards. A L.I.K. Gutters blog said high-quality gutter guards made from aluminum or stainless steel are the best options as they’ll last a long time without rusting or falling apart. We use Gorilla Gutter Guards, which are made from aluminum with stainless steel clips to secure the covers.

Gutter covers may not seem essential, but they can save you money in the long run and protect your home from extensive water damage. If there’s a blockage that prevents water from flowing properly through the gutters, ignoring the problem could cost thousands in damages.

Pro tip: Even with gutter covers installed, you’ll still need to clean your gutters, or at the very least, make sure everything is running smoothly about once a year. You can hire a professional to clean your gutters, but you can also do this yourself. Get out your ladder, some gloves, and a bucket, and get to work! The process shouldn’t take longer than an hour with gutter guards in place.

However, hiring a professional to inspect your gutters occasionally is a good idea. When you have gutter covers, we recommend an inspection once each year, with a cleaning every two or three years. If you want to make sure your gutters are working properly, schedule an appointment today.

The Installation

Our Gorilla Gutter Guards are “designed to be stronger, more effective and last for years, making your gutters more attractive and virtually maintenance-free. Gorilla Guard gutter covers have been developed and tested utilizing the knowledge and experience we have had over years of working with gutters and gutter cover systems.” Head over to our website to get more details about the installation process and the science behind our Gorilla Gutter Guards.

How Long Will They Last / How to Maintain Your Gutter Guards

High-quality gutter guards will last a lifetime. When we install our Gorilla Gutter Guards, we include a lifetime warranty. (Read about our warranty here.) Installing gutter guards will be a worthwhile investment to make in order to protect your home from destructive water damages.

If you want any other gutter-related services done to keep your home in the best shape, head over to our gutters page.