No matter your vision for your dream home, a trustworthy and responsive gas log fireplace adds that extra spark of comfort. With the flick of a switch, your home will benefit from well-distributed convective heat while your family welcomes the cozy warmth of an evening by the fire.

Gas logs are safer, cleaner, and more reliable for home use than traditional wood logs. No clean-up means there’s never a reason not to enjoy your fireplace – whether to impress company over dinner, or simply taking advantage of a relaxing evening on the couch. Gas fireplaces maintenance is also a breeze. Our team will professionally install the setup in your home, and keep it running, worry-free, for years to come.

We compiled some great information below on the 3 different types of gas logs: vented gas logs, unvented gas logs, and direct vent gas inserts. We’ve included a free downloadable PDF with a comparison chart at the end of this post.

The 3 Main Types of Gas Logs

vented gas logs

1) Vented Gas Logs

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Vented gas logs are about the same cost as unvented gas logs and are considered affordable by most.

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Heat Output

Their heat output has zero heat contribution at best. There may be some warmth when using the logs if the room is more intimate and not drafty. Remember the damper is always open and conditioned air is always going up the chimney. These logs are NOT meant for alternative heat when the power goes out.

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Flame Presentation

Vented Gas logs are generalled the most realistic flames. All but the snap, crackle, and pop.

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Impact on Indoor Air

Conditioned air is going up the chimney all the time – this may or may not be normal for your room. Some people like to be able to close the damper after using the fireplace – the damper cannot be closed.

Other Considerations for Vented Gas Logs

Vented Gas Logs have a well-maintained and functional fireplace and chimney. The damper is fixed in the open position permanently (for safety purposes). It can be operated by a very convenient remote control. It burns the most BTU’s of gas during operation in comparison to the other gas log types. The fireplace glass doors can be used to help control the conditioned air when it’s not being used and it can run either propane or natural gas.

unvented gas logs

2) Unvented Gas Logs

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Unvented gas logs are about the same cost as the vented gas logs and are considered affordable by most.

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Heat Output

These logs are very efficient (99.9% of the energy in the gas gets transferred to the air) and put out lots of heat.

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Flame Presentation

The flame is more subdued and controlled. Because there is no venting of the gases the burning process must be very well controlled and clean, making the flames less realistic.

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Impact on Indoor Air

The damper is usually closed and all the products of combustion are venting into the room. The main byproducts are moisture and Carbon Dioxide (harmless). There are often reports about unwanted odors associated with these logs. Some people complain of headaches. Many people love their vent free logs and may be less sensitive to the changes in indoor air.

Other Considerations for Unvented Gas Logs

Unvented Gas logs also run on either propane or natural gas. You must have a well-maintained and functional fireplace and chimney. You are supposed to have a room window cracked open to the outside to allow for fresh air into the room. They cannot be used in bedrooms or bathrooms and an abundance of pet hair can get into the burner and cause the smoke detector to go off. The damper is meant to be closed on unvented gas logs though it can be slightly opened if less heat is desired or the smell is too strong. Unvented gas logs can be operated by a very convenient remote control and they provide more heat for the fuel burned than the other gas log types.

direct vent gas insert

3) Direct Vent Gas Insert

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The advanced technology to provide all the heat and clean air does make it easily the most expensive option.

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Heat Output

Very efficient. The ones we sell are designed to be zone heaters. They work when the power is out so they are also popular for emergency heat.

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Flame Presentation

These flames have a nice variety but do not hold the same vibrancy as the Vented Gas Logs.

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Impact on Indoor Air

Your indoor air quality will not be impacted at all. No conditioned air goes up the chimney, no combusted air comes into the house. The air to feed the fire comes from the outside.

Other Considerations for Direct Vent Gas Insert

For Direct Vent Gas Inserts, the chimney can have a multitude of flaws without being a problem because the insert’s corresponding co-linear direct vent pipe is its own system. They can be used in any fireplace in any room in the house, including bathrooms and bedrooms. All direct vent gas fireplace inserts have controlled combustion technology and come with glass fronts fixed in place during use. They are operated with a very sophisticated and convenient remote control device with its own thermostat to provide your room with consistent heat. They usually burn the least amount of gas of the three options. The insert actually sits inside your fireplace and replaces the look of your current firebrick. Direct Vent Gas Inserts also run on either propane or natural gas.

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