Thank you for the privilege of serving you over the last 30 years.

Thank you for allowing me and my people to come into your homes to help you create a place to enjoy family and recharge.   Phew! Sometimes it is hard to emotionally process even our little sphere of life.  One of my employees has family in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.  They sent a picture of the devastation.  Their family may be moving from Puerto Rico to Siler City for a few months until the power is restored.  They were hit twice with Irma and Harvey.

The following picture is of one of my granddaughters in Milwaukee, WI, and her companion.  Next week I am flying up to give them all a squeeze.   Same world.  Pray, give, visit, stay connected, stay thankful.

Are you concerned about staying warm in the winter during these tumultuous times?  We have lots of ways to help with hearth appliances that don’t require electricity to function. Want more info?  You can get started with filling out our brief online Fireplace Planning Homework.

Our newsletter format is changing to a living, digital format.  We will be bringing it to you over the next few weeks.

Your neighbor,