The Chimneys Plus Gang Greets You!As does an abundance of rain and pollen.

I write to you from the lovely Celo Inn near Burnsville, NC. Our daughter Mary (4th child) has been working here in an amazing community health clinic for the past two years preparing to be a family doctor.

Wendy and I laugh thinking about Chimneys Plus as our 6th child. We are in that place with our 30+ year old family business where the ‘child’ is old enough to think for herself/himself, still enjoys lots of love and prayers, and yet has a multitude of outside mentors that are close and provide plenty of wisdom. Honesty, Excellence, Teamwork, and a Servant Heart are at the core of Chimneys Plus. We couldn’t be more proud and energized by the awesome team members and the great customers we have the honor to serve.

Our Summer Service Program (SSP) is at the heart of our business because it is all about maintaining homes and maintaining relationships with neighbors who own those homes. Over the next few weeks and months, you will be receiving information about when Chimneys Plus will be in your specific county working on homes in your neighborhood. Feel free to schedule your very own service at any point and make sure your chimney and fireplace are safe and ready for use come Fall and Winter.