An enjoyable place to live, Sanford is known for its industrial center since it is the largest producer of brick and pottery products in the United States.

Named after a railroad engineer who played a major role in designing and developing the railroad that runs through the area, C.O. Sanford laid the foundation for forming this beloved city. Responsible for playing a big part in both the American Revolution and Civil War, Sanford has since grown into a flourishing town with a rich history. For any history lovers who would rather spend their day indoors.

durham chimney sweep

Durham Chimney Sweeps

From restoring fireplaces in historic homes to installing a cozy set of gas logs, Chimneys Plus Inc. is your one stop for anything chimney related. We sell and install all major brands of wood stoves, gas logs and inserts as well as performing a wide variety of chimney repairs and restoration work. We have extensive experience with older hearths that may require masonry repairs or installation of a stainless steel liner prior to use.  We can make suggestions on how to give your hearth or fireplace a modern update to make it more efficient and enjoyable.